10 Platforms for Video Editor Jobs Every Professional Should Explore

video editor jobs

Looking for the right Video Editor Jobs?

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Freelancing Sites for Video Editors
  3. Specialized Video Editing Job Boards
  4. Creative Networks and Communities
  5. Social Media Platforms
  6. Remote Work Platforms
  7. Industry-Specific Job Portals
  8. Local Job Listings
  9. Internship Opportunities
  10. Final Thoughts


In the ever-evolving digital landscape, video editing has become a highly sought-after skill. For aspiring and professional video editors, finding the right job opportunities can be a challenge. This article explores the top 10 platforms where video editors can seek and secure rewarding jobs, ranging from freelancing gigs to full-time positions.

Table Showcasing Top 10 Platforms For Video Editor Jobs

SectionPlatform NameLink
Freelancing Sites for Video EditorsAmajovaAmajova
Specialized Video Editing Job BoardsMandyMandy
Creative Networks and CommunitiesBehanceBehance
Social Media PlatformsLinkedInLinkedIn
Remote Work PlatformsRemote.coRemote.co
Industry-Specific Job PortalsCreative CowCreative Cow
Local Job ListingsLocal BoardsLocal Boards
Internship OpportunitiesInternship SitesInternship Sites

Freelancing Sites for Video Editors Job

1. Amajova

Amajova stands out as a premier destination for freelancers, including video editors. It offers a vast array of opportunities, from short-term projects to long-term collaborations. Check out their Freelance Digital Marketing section for opportunities in video marketing.

2. Other Freelancing Platforms

Other notable freelancing websites include Upwork and Fiverr. These platforms are teeming with job listings for video editors, catering to a broad range of skill levels and specialties.

Specialized Video Editing Job Boards

3. Mandy

Mandy is a dedicated job board for film and TV production jobs, including video editing roles. It’s a go-to resource for those looking to break into the entertainment industry.

4. ProductionHUB

This platform connects video editors with companies in the production industry. It’s ideal for editors who specialize in commercial and corporate video production.

Creative Networks and Communities for Video Editor Jobs

5. Behance

Behance is not just for designers. Video editors can also showcase their portfolios here, attracting potential employers and freelance clients.

video editor jobs

Social Media Platforms for Video Editor Jobs

6. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is invaluable for networking and job searching. It offers a professional environment where editors can connect with industry leaders and apply for jobs.

Remote Work Platforms for Video Editor Jobs

7. Remote.co

For video editors looking to work remotely, Remote.co is a great starting point. It lists remote job opportunities in various creative fields.

Industry-Specific Job Portals for Video Editor Jobs

8. Creative Cow

Creative Cow is a specialized job board catering to the creative industry, including video editing positions.

Local Job Listings for Video Editor Jobs

9. Local Job Boards

Local job boards and company websites can also be fruitful, especially for those looking to work in a specific geographical area.

Internship Opportunities Video Editor Jobs

10. Internship Listings

Internship opportunities can be a stepping stone for new editors. Sites like Indeed and Glassdoor often list internships in video editing.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the world of video editing offers a plethora of job opportunities across various platforms. Whether seeking freelance gigs, full-time positions, or internships, these top 10 platforms provide a great starting point for video editors at any stage of their career.


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