I will set up and manage your linkedin ads campaigns

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Looking for a marketer with consistent results and experience?

I have worked with many businesses of all sizes all over the world in many different niches and I can help you increase sales or leads, if you are serious about it, talk to me so we can assess the best strategy for yours.

Here's what you'll get from this gig:

Ad account audit: I'll look into your previous activity and do an in-depth ad account audit to find out where we can improve (product, landing page, CRO, copy, marketing metrics and creative).

Extensive audience research: this is the most important and my area of focus as no matter how good a product we have and how good an advert we make if we don't reach the ideal audience.

Ad creation: I will use your best images/videos or provide you with alternative stock images and write exceptional copy that speaks to your target audience.

Please contact me first if you are a first time buyer to see if we can work together. I only work with people who align with my values so that both parties are comfortable throughout the process.

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Josep Cid

I help companies scale their sales with digital ads

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