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I am a certified specialist in Google Search Ads (Adwords), Display, Shopping, Video and Apps and I will set up your campaign from scratch.

Full Setup of 1 Google Ads Campaign + 7 Days Management and Optimization

I have experience with 5-6 figure monthly budgets in home, sports, and pet niches. I know almost every niche, as long as your business complies with google ads policies we will have no problems.

I will create relevant, high quality ad groups, keywords, ads and ad extensions incorporating Google's best recommendations for great ads.

I will manage and optimise your Google Ads campaign every day, ensure ads are shown to the audience we want to target and optimise bids and bidding strategy to allocate budget to what works best.

As well as one of the most important things, adding negative keywords that don't bring profit to your business.

Please, if you are a first time buyer contact me before hiring my services. I only collaborate with people who align with my values to ensure a good experience for both parties.

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Josep Cid

I help companies scale their sales with digital ads

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Frequently Asked Questions

I provide services in English, Spanish and Catalan.

To manage your Google Ads account from my manager account, I need the 10 digit customer ID which is shown in the top right corner when you're logged into your Google Ads account. Once I have it, I will send a request to access your account. You will be able terminate my access at any point in time.

I will start counting the management days after the first day of getting proper exposure (spending all or close to all of the daily budget).

During setup, I'll work with you to find the perfect budget for your campaign. I always recommend starting with a small budget and scaling up. However, if you've got an ad budget of less than $1000/mo it might be difficult to see amazing results.

No, the Ad Spend is separate from the management fee. The Ad Spend goes to Google to place your Ads on their Search Engine.
Starting From
£ 247.00

Addons Services

£ 998.00

Full Setup of unlimited Google Ads Campaign + 30 Days Management and Optimization

Level Up
£ 416.00

Full Setup of 3 Google Ads Campaign + 14 Days Management and Optimization

AmaJova Payment Protection

Fund the project upfront. gets paid once you are satisfied with the work.

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